Come share your stories at ScalaMatsuri 2019!

We are excited to announce that ScalaMatsuri will be held on June 27th (Thu), 28th (Fri), and 29th (Sat), 2019 at Tokyo International Exchange Center. Please submit your talk for the general sessions. We plan on closing the CFP will on February 2nd, 2019 23:59 JST.

For your reference:ScalaMatsuri blog

Matsuri, meaning festival, is about time and space out of the everyday. It’s about mustering up the courage to do something cool (even though we are normally shy). We want to make it a fun experience, regardless of gender, race, and many different backgrounds. All participants, including speakers and sponsors, are asked to be respectful to each other and follow the code of conduct.

As one of largest Scala conferences in Asia, we want to make it a fun event for both the domestic audience and those visiting Japan from overseas.


For ScalaMatsuri 2019, the speakers will be determined using 2 methods:

As with previous year, the voting result will be combined with the impact on social network such as Twitter and Facebook to select popular talks. In addition, we are starting a program committee as a new approach to diversify the talk selection. The committee would be made up of experts with unique taste and are in tune with the Scala ecosystem and the recent trends to pick the talks that everyone will enjoy.


Submit my talk

Application details

Note again that ScalaMatsuri organizers will need to prepare the subtitles, so you are asked to submit the slides weeks in advance.

Travel grant

ScalaMatsuri wants diverse speakers from all over the world. To help break down the barriers, we’re excited to offer travel grant.

Because ScalaMatsuri is run by a non-profit association, the travel grant must only be used for something that we can file as an expense. Here are the categories that is ok:

  1. Airfare and other transportation to Tokyo.
  2. Other transportation during ScalaMatsuri
  3. Hotel fares during ScalaMatsuri sessions.

Any other expenses, including ones incurred from sightseeing or hotel fares (priced per person in Japan) for accompanying travellers, cannot be expensed by us.

We’ll accept expense requests after ScalaMatsuri for a month. All items must have either an email forward from an airline or scans/photos of a receipt. If you need earlier financial support, we will do our best to accomodate you.

The maximum amount of the travel grant is fixed by the origin of your travel:

Working adult: Domestic: 500 USD Overseas: 1000 USD

Student: Domestic: 750 USD Overseas: 1500 USD

Note that the amount offered as travel grant will NOT exceed the actual travel expense. Suppose you’ve been approved for the grant and the travel expense was $1500 from Europe, the maximum amount the ScalaMatsuri will reimburse will be $1000. If you started from somewhere in Asia and it cost $700, the reimbursement will be $700. Students are given larger maximum amount of $750 for domestic and $1500 for overseas. In the application, please include the year you’re in (for example, D4 for fourth year doctorate student).

Your expenses will NOT be accepted in the event that you do not attend the conference. At the sole discretion of ScalaMatsuri, some expenses may be reimbursed upon a natural disaster, death or illness of the speaker or a family member. We suggest you purchase travel insurance if these terms are not sufficient.